“The hospice team was compassionate and sensitive to our needs. They helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend Gateway Hospice.”      – Daughter in-law of patient

“Gateway Hospice team gave excellent care to my mother and did a fantastic job and it was deeply appreciated. Rev. Sue was a great help to us in our time of need. Would highly recommend Gateway Hospice to others.” – Son of patient

“Janet (RN Case manager) and Lisa (LPN) were great with my mother and even though she had dementia she always knew both of them. I consider those two women my mothers’ guardian angles.” – Daughter of patient

“The team was very caring for the short period of time. Wonderful organization! Thank you to Dr. Kawita Vichare for the recommendation!” – Aunt of patient

“As always the team at Gateway is the best. They helped me with my mom, she passed at home in 2010, and they were there for dad. I believe he lasted those last ten months because of Gateway’s care.”  – Daughter of patient

“Excellent care from start to finish. Racheal Caddy (Community Liaison/Director Of Marketing) and staff were amazing in [explaining] level of care and keeping us aware of my grandmother’s condition.” – Grandson of patient   

“Their [Gateway’s] main concern was for her comfort and well-being as she made her transition from her earthly life into her forever life in heaven.” –Son of patient

“I worked for a hospice agency myself as an RN- Gateway is by far the best!” – Daughter of patient   

“All of the nurses were excellent. I cannot thank them enough for everything that they did for me and my father. Libby (Director of Spiritual Care) was especially helpful the evening that dad died.” -Daughter of patient

“Every member of Gateway’s staff was outstanding. They were professional and treated my mother with care, dignity, and respect.” –Son of patient  

“The entire team that took care of my mom were awesome. I can’t thank Mindy (RN Case Manager) enough for sitting with me and helping keep mom comfortable her last day. Revered Sue was such a blessing as she prayed and sang to mom, as mom sang along with her. Each visit became more special! I could really feel the love and care each person has for their patients and their families’. The support and encouragement they gave me, as well as answer my many questions, will never be forgotten!” –Daughter of patient    

“I have been an RN for 50 years, and still at the end of my mother’s life I needed reassurance that I was giving her the best possible care. Everyone from Gateway was knowledgeable, capable, comfortable in their role, and supportive. They were so kind to my mother and so willing to do whatever was needed…I am so grateful to all of the hospice staff. Thank you forever!” – Daughter of patient

“My team of nurses and aides were exemplary (Janet, Stacey, Lisa and Heather.) They deserve this note of gratitude for all they did for my dad and me. Also, the nurse Becky, who came on the day of my dad’s passing, was our life saver that day. Please except my sincere thanks.” – Daughter of patient

“The nurses and aides were exceptional. We loved Tiffany (RN Case Manager) and the others!” –Daughter of patient

“I cannot begin to properly thank you for the care you gave my Aunt.” – Niece of patient

“Everyone was wonderful in the care of my mom. They tried to keep me emotionally stable as I saw what my mom was going through.”  – Daughter of patient  

“I could not have asked for better care for my mother even though it wasn’t for very long. They helped her go with dignity for the very special person that she was…Thank you for your wonderful and compassionate staff. I think all hospitals and staff should inform patients and their families of your wonderful services.” – Daughter of patient

“The care my mother received from the Gateway team was EXCELLENT. I would highly recommend their services.”  -Daughter of patient  

“Although my father was only under hospice care for 7 days; not a day went by [that] he did not receive care. Not once did I see him in pain or want or need for anything. My family was always informed of his situation. We cannot thank you enough for the care provided for my father. I can’t imagine how someone can give love and care without knowing whom they are caring for. Thank you for everything.” – Son of patient

“Rev. Sue and Neal (RN) were fantastic! All staff- day or night- were very helpful and caring. My mom was kept comfortable and peaceful as much as possible. Neal was very intuitive- talking to myself, children and grandkids about telling my mom that we loved her and keeping things “normal activity wise” for her last days, very helpful advice during this time. We were able to stay focused on her care, while he remembered to help us.” – Daughter of patient  

“All of Gateway’s staff were kind, effective and efficient. Rev. Sue was EXCELLENT!” – Niece of patient

“It was very sad watching my dad pass, but it was really a big help having hospice with me every step of the way.” – Daughter of patient  

“I would like to thank everyone who had contact with my mom or family. You all made a very difficult time easier to handle and we never felt alone. Most of our dealings were with Ken (RN Case Manager) and Wayne (Spiritual Care Coordinator) who were very helpful and supportive.” – Daughter of patient

“The compassion and care my father received from hospice was outstanding. I don’t know how we would have gotten through that time without the support from this incredible team of caregivers. Knowing that our dad’s needs for assistance were being taken care of gave us great peace of mind. He was always treated with the utmost respect, compassion, patience and gentleness. The team worked seamlessly during his last days, prepared for whatever might transpire. It was important to have direct communication with his nurses when we felt something needed to be addressed. 24/7 someone was available and it made my dad’s last week’s far more comfortable and brought all of us, including Dad, great comfort.” – Daughter of patient

  “We were very pleased with the care given to my sister and all the information which truly assisted us in keeping her at home as she had requested. The help was truly outstanding and we are all so very grateful.”  – Sister of patient    

“It’s beyond words to express how wonderful everyone was to my husband and me…May God bless them and Gateway Hospice.” – Wife of patient

“The patient’s nurse was wonderful. She is very warm and compassionate. We would recommend her wholeheartedly.” –  Nursing Facility, South Hills

“As always – great service from Gateway Hospice.” – Skilled Nursing Facility, Monroeville

“The staff of Gateway Hospice was wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond meeting the needs of the patient.”  – Assisted Living Facility, Beaver County

“Gateway Hospice’s nurse did an excellent job with the patient’s family – especially the husband. She was also very helpful to me regarding social history, background on resident, etc.” – Skilled Nursing Facility, North Hills