Interested in Volunteering?

Have you considered partnering with us to transform end of life care? It takes only 2-4 hours (minimum) to make a difference in someone’s life. As a volunteer, you call the shots. Volunteering with Gateway Hospice provides you with an independent volunteer opportunity which allows you to manage your own schedule and visits, while also working alongside our team and office staff. We believe in matching our volunteers with roles based on their individual goals and interests.

Have little experience in this field? We’ll make sure you a fully comfortable through our in-depth training and support to ensure you possess an understanding of the holistic approach to end of life care. Volunteering with Gateway can help you develop a new perspective on life and death, love and friendship, and what it means to make a difference someone’s life. With a new found perspective, we encourage our volunteers to become ambassadors for hospice and to help bring about social change regarding the stigma surrounding end of life care. There are many ways to contribute to our mission if hands-on opportunities are not for you.

We encourage experiential education through a variety of internship and externship opportunities and community service projects. Click here to view and download our Volunteer Application