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Coordination of Care

Our Interdisciplinary Team

Hospice caregivers in Pittsburgh and Washington, PA

Hospice Physician

The hospice physician is in charge of coordinating and overseeing care among the hospice team and the patient’s physician and caregiver. They work closely with the nurse to help in managing the patient’s pain and symptoms and helping the patient have the highest quality of life possible.

Registered Nurse & LPN

Our registered nurses case manages the patient to reduce pain and symptoms so that they can be as comfortable as possible as they are nearing the end of their life. Nurses give medication, take vitals, and provide other medical care that is focused on management rather than treatment.

Hospice Aid (CNA)

Hospice Aids works with patients, performing chores, helping with errands, providing companionship, and providing basic daily living services such as grooming, bathing and assisting with meals.

Social Worker

A social worker will work with your family to help you navigate both the practical and emotional issues that arise when hospice becomes necessary. They support families with planning funeral arrangements, providing information on community resources, and emotional counseling.


The chaplain helps the patient and their family cope with end-of-life questions and concerns. They perform sacraments and provide spiritual counseling to help address common themes, such as what happens after death and what is the meaning of life.

Patient Physician

The patient’s physician works closely with the hospice team to provide integrative, comprehensive care.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners work in conjunction with the physician providing face-to-face visits and patient assessments.


We have volunteers who offer a variety of services, from performing music to helping patients document their life story to providing bedside vigils and daily companionship.

Hospice nursing in Pittsburgh and Washington, PA

Continuity of Care

Gateway Hospice ensures continuity of care with a dedicated team caring for patients in each region of the Greater Pittsburgh area.

  • North (North Hills, Butler Co.)
  • South (South Hills, West End)
  • East (City of Pittsburgh, East Hills,
  • Monroeville, into Greensburg)
  • West (Beaver Co.)
  • Washington (Washington Co. into Fayette Co.)

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