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Referring to Hospice

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Making a Difficult Choice Easier

Whether you’re a physician, a nurse, a caregiver, or a loved one, anyone can refer a patient to Gateway Hospice. We understand that the choice to refer someone to hospice is never easy, which is why we make the process as simple as possible for you and the patient. Our compassionate, qualified team with years of experience will assist you in determining if hospice is the right choice for you or your loved one. We are proud of the quality care we offer for patients and their families in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas.

When is it time for hospice?

A patient is eligible to receive hospice services if an order from a physician is given upon a terminal diagnosis with a life expectancy of six months or less and if the patient has a desire to receive comfort and support rather than curative treatment.

Signs that it might be time for hospice include:

Frequent visits to the ER or hospital admissions
A decline in their ability to perform daily tasks including eating, dressing, walking, or using the bathroom
An increase in falls
Changes to their cognitive abilities
Progressive weight loss
Skin tears, infections, and other signs of deteriorating health
Doctor referral or recommendation
Hospice referrals in Pittsburgh and Washington, PA

How to Refer to Gateway Hospice

Anyone can make a referral to set up a consultation; you do not have to be a physician. Gateway Hospice will send out a hospice expert to evaluate the individual, provide education and information on hospice, coordinate/initiate conversations with individual’s doctors, and gather all necessary paperwork. If the individual is not hospice-appropriate, Gateway can help refer the individual and family to other services that might be more appropriate at that time (i.e. palliative care, home care, etc.). If the individual is appropriate, our team will initiate the admission process. It’s never too early to refer.

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For more information about how to refer a patient to hospice, or to schedule a consultation, contact one of our locations today.

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